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Laura Melbostad

Strategic Engagement Director

Laura, Strategic Engagement Director at SALT, was born and raised in Southern Oregon. She attended the Oregon Institute of Technology and graduated with an Associate of Science, Accounting Technology degree and moved to Alaska in 1994. Laura is a seasoned industry leader with over 30 years of experience in finance and strategic engagement, and is renowned for her exceptional ability to drive operational excellence and foster growth across diverse sectors. Laura’s forte lies in her strategic thinking, which enables her to develop and execute firmwide Key Performance Indicators, leading to sustained success and profitability.


Her impact extends beyond traditional financial management, as evidenced by her transformative initiatives such as automating project revenue recognition and standardizing forecasting processes, significantly enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Laura's leadership played a pivotal role in driving firmwide turnarounds, propelling organizations from low performance to record-high margins over a span of five years. Additionally, her expertise in financial modeling for mergers and acquisitions has been instrumental in shaping organizational strategy and direction. Laura has been actively coaching executives for the past 3+ years, assisting them with organization, continuous data evaluation, feedback, and providing productivity suggestions or other improvement recommendations.  As a dedicated leader, Laura has also championed cultural transformation, instilling a culture of trust and accountability within her teams, ultimately fostering a collaborative and high-performing environment. 


Away from the office, Laura loves traveling, spending time with family and friends, spending time outdoors and staying active.


Qualifications: Associate Certified Coach (ACC)


Yes, Please! Warm tropical places, preferably on a boat, cookies, and massages.

No, thanks. Negativity, food you don’t need to chew, and the cold.

Non-negotiable: spending time with family, staying active, and meditation.

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