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Power of You


May 3-5, 2024

Jointly hosted by SALT and The Point, Power of You is a woman-only leadership workshop and an opportunity to reflect and recommit to yourself and your goals. This workshop cultivates an environment for connection, personal insight, and professional development. Through facilitator-lead and individual activities, discover how to be a more effective leader in your workplace, in your community, and in your life. With the support of your peers and facilitators, uncover your unique gifts and strengths as a leader. 

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The Program

This women’s workshop helps leaders from various industries enhance their leadership power and skills in order to succeed in a dynamic and demanding marketplace. Women leaders are challenged to clarify their goals and create an effective, personalized blueprint for success.​ The workshop is a 2.5 day onsite, overnight experience, and has limited attendance with participation capped at 16 in order to cultivate an enriching and personal environment.

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The Schedule

May 3-5, 2024

Day One: Focus on self-discovery and capitalizing on strengths.
Day Two: Enhance your capacity for leadership t
hrough building distinct skills for success.
Day Three: Begin to develop a support system to sustain your success. 

The Outcomes

Discover the unique strengths you bring to the workplace and to the world.

Identify what constrains and empowers you as a leader and change agent.

Generate a breakthrough in your leadership ability and effectiveness.

Design a blueprint for your future.

Create a support system to sustain your success.

The Investment

Registration costs includes the 2.5 day workshop, materials, and special gifts for $2295 (reduced price available for those who work for non-profit organizations). If cost is your barrier, please reach out to us.


The Spring 2024 session will be at the picturesque Alaska Glacier Lodge. Participants pay a flat rate of $650 that includes accommodations at the lodge and ALL meals/taxes. 

Accommodations are booked through the lodge. An email will be sent to participants with the link after registering for the workshop.

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The Facilitators

Beroz Ferrell - The Point As the owner of The Point International, and with over 30 years of experience, Beroz has a unique background as a psychologist and organizational consultant. Her core expertise lies in leadership development, strategic planning, team building, culture change processes and organizational development. Beroz believes leaders are not born, they are self-made. Her passion for developing women leaders provides the impetus for this workshop. Beroz has often been described as a highly committed, creative and inspiring workshop leader. She brings to “Power of You”, her global perspective as an international consultant, counselor, speaker, and above all, her own experience as a woman leader.

Michael Fredericks - SALT Michael is an owner and principal at SALT. Professionally trained as an architect, Michael has developed her unique skillset as a facilitator to reach Alaskans and beyond achieve their goals. As an Alaskan Native, she is passionately engaged with Alaska Native organizations, including non-profits, Tribal Corporations, and other Tribal entities. As a leader, not only has Michael personally achieved success in business and community since 2002, but she has also encouraged, empowered, and enabled those she works with to realize their own leadership and success. Whether in a professional or volunteer role, Michael helps those she works with to develop their potential. She values the voice of each individual, encourages and stimulates expansive thinking, and believes in their innate potential to succeed. Michael is thrilled to be working with Beroz and The Point to bring The Power of You to Alaska.

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