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Stakeholder Engagement

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Statistically, seventy-five percent of large energy projects worldwide fail, not because they lack technical know-how, but because they lack the right type of stakeholder engagement. The same can be said for planning projects. While gathering initial input is important, connecting and investing people in a project requires a different level of engagement. Too often, stakeholder engagement begins and ends at the onset of a project. Authentic engagement that pays dividends to a project will last well into the first year of project implementation. SALT works with clients to map stakeholders and develop an engagement plan that is right-sized and meaningful to any time of project or process. Stakeholder engagement activities include:
  • welcomes diversity while minimizing polarization and conflict
  • identifying a team or community vision for a project
  • gathering data via survey or focused conversations
  • develop a virtual platform for community conversations and visioning
  • developing a project blog or website to provide stakeholder/community updates
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