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Frankie Mack

Accountant + Benefits Coordinator

Frankie Mack, SALT’s accountant and benefits coordinator, she has been with the company since early 2012. When she’s not handling payroll, accounts payable/receivable, doing annual audits, filing taxes, and other miscellaneous accounting work, she’s pulling pranks on staff members which has earned her the nickname “Frankster the Prankster”.  Frankie hails from King Cove and is a Native Alaskan of Aleut descent. Outside of the office, Frankie can be found watching sports at Gallo’s, or spending time in King Cove surrounded by family.

What is a moment/project you’re most proud of professionally?

I celebrated my 10th year with SALT, LLC!

Yes, please! Time with my family.

No, thanks: Bumpy plane rides.

Non-negotiable: My Native foods.

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